17 September, 2009

Original Twitter Birds by " SPLESH "

Beautifully hand drawn Set of Twitter Bird Icons .
Twitter seems to be all the rave & the craze and with everyone owning a Blog and a Website , displaying your Twitter status has become a protocol now .

This Originally hand drawn set of beautifully colorful Twitter icons comes to us by a very talented artist out of Rome Italy ( and one of Twitter's own ) : Stefano De Prophetis [ You can Follow Stefano on Twitter ] , give him a Tweet .

You can expect to see much more from this talented Web Designer aside from Twitter Icons . Please do check out his assimilation of Wallpaper set of Wood Textures as well . Stefano is busy at work on sharing more of his work so be sure to Bookmark his site and continue returning as you can expect to see more coming from this young talented artist .

The Twitter Icons which Stefano has produced were drawn by hand ( as mentioned above ) and then rendered in Illustrator & Photoshop . They come in png extensions and in 4 ( four ) color variations of : Blue , Green , Purple & Brown . I am certain that when you have a look at them you will fall in love with them as they are not your usual twitter birds , these are definitely very Original & very cute ! and with the various colours which Stefano has created them in , I am sure they will grace & fit in with just about any color background and Blog / Web Page . Head on over to Stefano's site and have a look and a download, & bookmark his site * give him a Tweet & a Follow .

  • For the Direct Download to Stefanos page Click on Download Button below & Enjoy .

Enjoy your new Twitter Bird Icons by Stefano & smile , more Freebies coming your way :)

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Apple " Think Green " Wallpaper

Awesome " Think Green Apple " Wallpaper

This is a beautifully rendered Wallpaper w/ a Green message : Conservation & Save the Earth.

This fabulous & well thought out Wallpaper was done by PSYCHOPULSE over @ Deviant Art , home to some of the worlds Best Up & Coming artists & Graphic Designers extraordinaire .

The Wallpaper comes in a size resolution of 1920 W-x-1202 H. Yes, it will def take up your entire screen & probably your neighbors too . However , it is truly an awesome work of art .Hope you will enjoy it . When you click on the Download Button , it will open in a new window - you can save this Wallpaper as a link & upload it to your host , or save it to your computer .

  • To get this beautiful Wallpaper , click on the Download Button Below

Enjoy & stay tuned , more is coming your way . Smile :)

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16 September, 2009

17 Vector Cloud Brushes


This is truly a beautiful set of 17 Vector Brushes which you can download & manipulate in Adobe Photoshop for your next design project .

This beautiful set of Vector Cloud Brushes comes to us by those very creative guys over at PSD Tuts . You can visit the site for more Freebies here :PSD Tuts :Freebies

  • Click on the Download Button to get these AWESOME Cloud Vectors

Enjoy your new Cloud Vector Brushes . Catch you here next round for more Freebie Goodies. Smile :)

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Glossy Glass Like Social Icons

Glass Like Social Icon Pack + "CSS & Valid XHTML " Icons

This set of Social Icons contains 2 Icons of which most other Social Icon Packs do not : An "XHTML & CSS " Icons for those of you who would like to display your valid CSS & XHTML on your page/ Blog .

This set comes to you by Luize Scaglione and is a very beautiful set of Social Media Icons . They are Glass -like and the entire set consists of 14 icons which you can proudly display on your blog / website page .

  • You can download this lovely set by clicking on the Download Button below .

Hope you will enjoy your new Icons , stay tuned as more Web Treats are coming up . Smile :) Catch you in cyberspace !

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